Silvio Serrano graduated with a specialization as techno elettrico/elettronico from a reputed school in Italy. He further attended L’universita completing his 3 year course with a specialization in business and manufacturing where he managed to meet the co-founder of the international bikini brand.

Later in the year 1998, while he moved to the USA, He was offered a job by the bikini brand. Moved by his dedication and commitment he was made the key in charge in Florida, where he was in charge of 180 employees and manufacturing and shipping of the products to North America.

In 1999 company recognized Silvio’s love for Italy along with his fluency in Dual English and Italian, Hence was asked to take a trip to Rome, Where he managed to increase his comprehensive knowledge and contacts. After moving back to the USA he decided to take a break in 2000 and visit his university friend in China who then was residing in Shanghai, China.

Being fascinated in the huge city his enthusiasm bloomed up yet again.

Later he was offered a job of stone manufacturer through his then made contacts in Toronto. As he desired a change he took up the opportunity to stick to his roots hereby mo0ving back to Canada. He was hired as a plant manager where he happened to bloom outright which gave him national and global acknowledgment. His immediate results helped him to move to plant manager. His success was reflected clearly in the company’s great accomplishment made.

It was later in 2010 when Silvio realized it’s time to start his own business and hence continued to pursue his lifelong dream. Here Silvio really enjoyed his time, however, acknowledged it was time to start his own business. In 2010 Silvio finally was able to follow his lifelong dream to open and operate his own business just outside of Toronto Ontario and continues to devote his time and pursue his lifelong dream. His successes were quickly seen, increase the assembling capacities and the business’ immediate development.

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